Lamberton Industrial Park

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Lamberton Industrial Park

The Lamberton Industrial Park is nestled in the vibrant rural community of Lamberton, located in southwest Minnesota’s Redwood County.

  • Development Opportunities
  • Strong Rural Community

The energy park is conveniently located 140 miles southwest of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and is easily accessible by interstate: 45 miles from Interstate 90 and 50 miles from Interstate 29.  For businesses located in Lamberton, the DM&E Railroad offers daily freight service to the town.

Quick Facts on Lamberton’s People Resources

Population:  1,140 in town and 16,815 in Redwood County
Employment:  9,008 in Redwood County
Housing:  440 units – 355 single family and 74 multi-family
Hotel/Motel:  Motel and a downtown Community Center
Agricultural Research:  University of Minnesota Southwest Research Outreach Center
–The center is one of six in the State and is the primary center for agricultural research in southwest Minnesota. It is also home to a US Weather Station and monitors and distributes weather information daily.

Lamberton Municipal offers 250,000 gallons of water storage capacity with a 300 gallon per minute pumping capacity.   The industrial water usage base charge is $24.00 per quarter and $2.24 per 1,000 gallons.  Lamberton Municipal’s waste water management facility has a treatment capacity of 200,000 gallons per day, the usage base charge begins at $15.00 per quarter and $1.90 per 1,000 gallons of waste water.  Other Lamberton utilities include electricity through Redwood Electric Cooperative and natural gas through Minnesota Energy Resources.  Lamberton offers a local recycling program and wireless broadband internet service.

Quick Facts: Groundwater Infrastructure
Population Served:  1,140
Avg Daily Pumping:  100,000 gallons
Avg Use per Person/Day:  88 gallons
Avg Elevation:  1,151 feet
Altitude:  1,100 (changing to 2,100 in the SW)
Aquifer:  Located within glacial gravel and is about 20 ft thick
Pumping test indicate more water is available from present wells located in the lower aquifer.

Contact Info

Valerie Halter
City Clerk
112 2nd Ave W