Fiber Optics in Lamberton

You may have already gotten a knock at your door or information left by a representative of Clara City Telephone..  If you haven’t yet, you will  soon.  Representatives of Clara City Telephone have begun the process of getting permission from each resident and business in Lamberton to install a fiber optic line to their premises.  Installation is free and there is no obligation to subscribe to their services.

Representatives need to meet with each resident and get permission to install the fiber on their premises.  They will explain how they will get the cable to your premise and ask you questions about where other services enter your house.  They will draw a picture of your lot and label where the fiber cable is to be installed.  They will have you sign the paper which is giving them permission to install the fiber cable to your house/business.  By signing this  paper you are not signing up for service, you are just giving them permission to install the fiber on your property. 

Clara City Telephone Will have a contractor begin digging the fiber lines in late this summer/early fall 2023.  Once the fiber lines are in the next step is to connect the cables creating the service network.  Once the service network is operational, Businesses and residents will be able to have service hooked up at their premises.  It is expected that service installations will begin in January 2024. 

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Open House 7-19-2023

Open House 7-19-2023